cover-pink_250Willustrated by Luc Melanson
published by Groundwood Books

Vivi wants a certain pink doll more than anything. She works hard all winter to save enough money to buy it. Then she makes a fatal mistake–she tells the rich girls at school about it. The next time she goes to the store to check on the doll, one of the rich girls walks out the door carrying it in her arms.  What will Vivi do?

I’d been thinking about writing a story about the colour pink because of friend of mine’s little girl loved it so much. I actually got two stories out of this same inspiration, the picture book Pink, and the novel, I’ll Sing You One-O.

“Written with subtlety and tenderness but not a whiff of sentimentality, this picture book quietly depicts Vivi’s intense longing and, when it cannot be fulfilled, the unexpected satisfaction that she finds instead.” – Starred review Booklist

“Pink makes a perfect picture book.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Heartbreakingly honest writing that cuts right to the heart of childhood pain. This story is a great jumping off point for discussions of peer pressure, the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need,’ and how difficult it is to envy others who may have more than you. One of my favorite books of the year. Delicious.” – pixie stix kids pix

“…tough yet tender story…written with poetic precision.” – Booklist

“Gregory explores peer pressure, loss, love and hope in a manner understandable to young children, and easily identified by all ages. This is a book with lasting impact”  – Canadian Children’s Book News


  • Junior Library Guild Resource Catalog selection
  • Booklist’s ‘Editors’ Choice
  • Cooperative Children’s Book Center Choice
  • Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award – Finalist
  • Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Award  – Finalist
  • Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award – Finalist


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