I’ll Sing You One-O

cover-one-o_250Wpublished by Clarion Books, NY

I’LL SING YOU ONE-O is the story of Gemma who needs an angel to solve her life, and by golly gets it (or not—read the book and decide for yourself) by being as saintly as a mixed-up 12-year-old can be while screwing up  every step of the way.

One-O began with an image of a girl in a pink coat returning home to a place where everyone loves her after being away for a long lonely time. I imagined people the people who came to greet her seeing a lovely angel in the clouds above her head—as if she had been taken care of all along. I told a friend about it. She gave me some good advice. She said, “Readers won’t believe in an angel like that. It would be better if the girl thought she had one and other people couldn’t see it.”

“A Holden Caulfield for this time and place.”  Vancouver Sun

“A unique voice, and fresh, beautifully written story.” Kirkus Reviews

“an intense and sometimes hair raising read” Quill and Quire

“This engrossing novel offers a fresh and winning portrait of a quirky heroine with a unique voice, a passionate heart, a mission to accomplish, and the kind of offbeat logic that can cause even the most careful plans to go awry.”  Goodreads

“Intriguing, complex, yet very accessible, I’ll Sing You One-O is a moving tribute to one girl’s beautiful troubled soul.” Examiner.com


  • starred entry, Horn Book Guide



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