Amber Waiting

cover-amber_250Willustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton
published by Red Deer Press

Amber loves everything about kindergarten, except one thing. Every day her dad picks her up late.  Waiting for him is lonely and frightening. She daydreams about all the things she’d like to do to show him how awful waiting is. But she is little and he is big. Will he ever understand?

One day I was at a school telling stories. At lunch time I saw a little girl sitting patiently on a bench outside the office, all alone, waiting for her dad. The teachers told me he picked her up . . . very late . . . every single day. When I left after school, she was still waiting. I wanted to do something to make her dad come on time. Of course I couldn’t. The teachers had tried and tried already. I thought that maybe if I wrote a book about her, other parents might read it and  promise: “I will never do that to my child.”

“Amber Waiting” reveals an awareness of a long and noble history of previous picture books showing what goes on in children’s minds – Where the Wild Things Are is a prime example – but offers a subtle and interesting variation on them. It is, quite simply, an excellent picture book.” Canadian Children’s Literature

“Words and pictures do an equally fine job delivering this winning message in ways that both children and parents will understand – easily.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Not only will Amber Waiting comfort children who may have to wait sometimes for busy parents, it is also an eye opener for parents, reminding us that our lives should never get so busy that our children are left waiting.” Telegram

“Children will find its emotional truth enormously satisfying.” Booklist


  • Silver award, Alberta Children’s Book of the Year 2003
  • Honour Book, Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize 2003.
  • Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize shortlist
  • American Library Association Book of the Year shortlist

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